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Frequently Asked Questions

The information below answers the questions we're asked most often.
For any other enquiries, please don't hesitate to call Stuart on 07905 973011 or send an email.

What is included in the price?

Besides your training, all our prices include Motorcycle Hire, Full Insurance, Helmet, Jacket, Gloves & Hi-Vis Hire and Refreshments (Tea/Coffee).

What type of clothing should I be wearing for my training?

Please wear your own comfortable but sturdy clothes and boots. Sports clothing is not recommended for riding a motorcycle.
Road Train will supply you with standard fit jackets, helmets, gloves and high visibility waistcoats.

What things do I need to bring on my training day?

On the day of your course you will require:

  • Driving Licence: ID card & counterpart (In case you still have an old type licence: we will require your passport as ID.)
  • Sturdy Clothing: Good Jacket & Shoes
  • Glasses or contact lenses if you require visual aids (You need to be able to read a standard size number plate from 67 feet / 20.5 metres away.)
  • Lunch (if required)
  • Course Fee

What happens if the weather is bad on my training day?

In case of bad weather conditions it is down to the instructor's discretion whether or not the course can proceed. Courses that have to be cancelled or terminated during training due to bad weather will proceed on another day at no extra charge.

What happens should I need to cancel?

Please give as much notice as possible in case you cannot attend your course. Unfortunately, Modular Course deposits cannot be refunded as we have to book your test with the DVSA in advance. But we will happily arrange a new meeting with you.

Cancellations from Road Train or the DVSA will of course not affect your deposit. Your training will be moved to a new suitable date.