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In More Detail

Module 1 - The Specified Off Road Manoeuvres Test

This module is conducted off road at one of the local Multi Purpose Test Centres and consists of several manoeuvres executed at specific speeds. It takes approximately 22 minutes to complete Module 1.

You will be asked to ride:
  • 2 slow speed exercises (i.e. Slalom, Figure 8) and a U-turn in a 7.5m wide marked area.
  • 2 higher speed exercises, of which one exercise should be in second or third gear, at a speed of at least 30 km/h (approx. 19 mph) and one exercise avoiding an obstacle at a minimum speed of 50 km/h (approx. 32 mph)
  • 2 braking manoeuvres, including an emergency brake at a minimum speed of 50 km/h (approx. 32 mph.

Those candidates who have demonstrated riding skills of a dangerously incompetent level during Module 1 will not be permitted to take Module 2 before Module 1 has been successfully re-taken.

Those candidates who have passed Module 1 will receive a Test Pass Certificate which they must bring with them when they take Module 2.


On the day of the Module 1 test, candidates will be asked by the examiner to demonstrate their riding ability on either the left-hand or right-hand circuit. Please note that the standard off-road layout may change due to local conditions on the casual sites.

Module 2 - The Road Riding Test

This module consists of a few questions and a road ride covering a variety of road and traffic conditions and takes approximately 55 minutes for the whole test.

What to expect

The examiner will check your driving licence and other associated documents, you will also take an eyesight test. You will be asked some safety questions in relation to eco-safe riding and machine checks (show & tell), other questions before you ride will be about balance, stability and passenger carrying.

The ride itself will take approximately 35 minutes. During this element you will be required to pull over and stop, move off from a gradient (hill start) and conduct an "angle" start. You will also be asked to navigate by following road signs for a few minutes, this is known as the "independent ride" and is over in no time. It doesn't even matter if you take a wrong turn; that's not a fail, so don't panic, keep calm, and think of your training!

The ride will take place on various road situations to assess rider ability and interaction with other road users.

Points to Note

  • A current CBT and theory test certificate is required to take the Module Test.
  • The Module 1 certificate is valid until the expiry date of the theory test certificate.
  • Module 1 must be passed before Module 2 can be taken.
  • A Module 1 failure will result in a 3 working day "hold" period before the test can be re-taken.
  • Both modules can be taken on the same day. (Module 2 will commence only if Module 1 is passed.)
  • A Module 2 failure will result in a 10 working day "hold" period before the test can be re-taken.
  • The same type of motorcycle must be used in both modules.
  • Both modules must be passed before the candidate theory pass certificate expires.

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